Thursday, February 17, 2011

Suzuki Samurai clutch adjustment SJ413

Free download Suzuki Samurai clutch Adjustment procedure in PDF format.  The clutch cable has two adjusting points: The obvious one at the clutch release arm and the bracket holding the clutch cable on the side of the engine block,  The distance that the clutch pedal travels before you feel any tension in the pedal is adjusted with the nuts on the engine bracket. The allowable pedal travel distance is .6 to 1 inch.  Play with the two adjusting nuts on the bracket until the pedal travel is correct.
 The adjustment for full clutch disengagement is on the clutch release arm. With the pedal up, the clutch should be engaged. Pressed all the way down, the clutch should be completely disengaged (DUH!).  Be sure to tighten down the lock nut when you have finished setting adjuster nut!
 Download one page manual guide in PDF format