Monday, February 7, 2011

Engine 4M41 Mitsubishi workshop manual

Free Download Engine overhaul manual of Mitsubishi 4M41. Engine 4M41 Mitsubishi was standard engine of many models of  Mitsubishi cars like Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi Delica, Mitsubishi Shogun. Contents of the manual include
  1. Specification
  2. Special Tools
  3. Generator Assy
  4. Glow Plug
  5. Cooling Fan, V-Belt and Water Pump
  6. Thermostat
  7. Water Hoses and Pipes
  8. Coolant Temperature Sensor
  9. EGR Valve Assy
  10. Intake Manifold
  11. Turbocharger Assembly
  12. Exhaust Manifold
  13. Injection Pump Assy
  14. Injection Pump Gear
  15. Rocker Cover, Camshaft Holder Assembly and camshaft
  16. Injection Nozzle
  17. Cyl Head and Valve Mechanism
  18. Vacuum Pump
  19. Timing Gear Case
  20. Timing Gear and Balance Shaft
  21. Oil Pump
  22. Oil Cooler and Oil Filter
  23. Oil Pan, Oil Strainer and Oil Jet
  24. Piston and Connecting Rod Assy
  25. Piston and Piston Pin
  26. Flywheel
  27. Drive Plate
  28. Crankshaft and Crankcase
  29. Balance Shaft Bush
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