Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Engine overhaul manual 3.5L/3.9L, 4.2 L V8 Land Rover

This overhaul manual is applicable to 3.5, 3.9 and 4.2 Litre V8 engines with or without suffix B added to the engine serial number. This manual is in PDF format & give information about engine overhauling of vehicle Land Rover specific engines described above.
To assist in the use of this vehicle PDF Manual the section title is given at the top and the relevant sub-section is given at the bottom of each page. This manual contains procedures for overhaul of the V8 engine on the bench with the gearbox, clutch, inlet manifold, exhaust manifolds, coolant pump, starter motor, alternator, and all other ancillary equipment removed. For information regarding General Information,Adjustments, removal of oil seals, engine units and ancillary equipment, consult the Repair Manual Each major section starts with a contents page,
listing the information contained in the relevant sub-sections. To assist filing of revised information each sub-section is numbered from page 1. The individual overhaul items are to be followed in the sequence in which they appear. Items numbers in the illustrations are referred to in the text. Overhaul operations include reference to Service tool numbers and the associated illustration depicts the tool. Where usage is not obvious the tool is shown in use. Land Rover tool numbers are quoted, for the equivalent Rover Cars tool number refer to the Service Tool section. Operations also include reference to wear limits, relevant data, and specialist information and useful assembly details.
When replacement parts are required it is essential that only vehicle Land Rover recommended parts are used. Attention is particularly drawn to the following points concerning repairs and the fitting of replacement parts and accessories. Torque wrench setting figures given in this Manual
must be used. Locking devices, where specified, must be fitted. If the efficiency of a locking device is impaired during removal it must be renewed. The terms of the vehicle warranty may be
invalidated by the fitting of parts other than Rover Group recommended parts. All Rover Group
recommended parts have the full backing of the vehicle warranty. Rover Group dealers are obliged to supply only Rover Group recommended parts. Download Free Manual of vehicle Land Rover Engine Overhaul manual in PDF.
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