Friday, February 25, 2011

Security System operating instructions manual Honda ( Accord, civic prelude 1994-1995, Del sol 95)

Free Download Honda security system operating instructions manual. This Instructions manual consists of wide variety Information on security system operating instructions manual of Honda Accord, Honda civic, Honda perlude 1994-1995, Honda Del sol 95. Contents of this manual include Precautions, Remote Control Transmitter Controls and Functions, Battery Replacement, Remote Control Code Programming How to Program Remote Control Transmitters, System Controls Main Unit Switched. Glass Breakage Detector, Disarm/Valet Switches, Arming Arming Methods, Manual Arming (Remote Controlled), Auto Arming (Passive), Auto Arming and Locking (Passive), Alarm Mode Alarm Triggered Mode, Optional Items, Disarming Disarming Methods, Remote Controlled Disarming, Disarm/Valet Switch Disarming (During Alarming), Disarming During the Entry Delay Time, Panic, Valet (Auto/Auto Lock Mode), Tripped Sensor Warning And Indication Tripped Sensor Warnings, Tripped Sensor Incication, Last Tripped Sensor Recall, Optional Items Soft Chirp Siren, Hood Switch, Remote Control Transmitter