Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spy gps vehicle tracking

Spy gps vehicle tracking devices are used to get information  about the vehicle. Most important information regarding vehicle is location of vehicle. There are also other types of information like speed, engine idle time, fuel consumption, temperature can also be gathered by installing gps vehicle tracking devices that is connected with gps vehicle tracking system using satellite to receive and send data.

There are two main types of gps vehicle tracking systems and gps fleet tracking systems  available. first one is Passive and other is real time. Passive type is known for storing information regarding  time, speed, direction. and other driving habits. Then this memory is downloaded and stored in a computer through satellite.  Real Time  vehicle tracking sends data at regular intervals to the manufacturer's database. This data can also be sent to user & user  reads the information through a website. There are some other gps vehicle tracking & gps fleet tracking that sends information directly in real time to the sender.