Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GPS fleet tracking management

GPS fleet tracking will help you in following areas
GPS fleet tracking will help business to locate where there vehicles are currently & speed alerts If a company have specified limit of weight on its vehicle & have the specific speed limit for that much kind of weight GPS fleet tracking can tell the company if the vehicle crosses the speed limit. Company can also view the truck stops for how much time the time truck or vehicle starts from that location. GPS fleet tracking can also monitor the engine hour run of vehicle, how many hours the engine was in start position & how much distance the vehicle covered. This can help to prevent unproductive fuel cost saving. If the vehicle is idle for specific time the GPS fleet tracking system will send report to control office that there might be a problem that vehicle is idle for this time regard less of vehicle is stopped or in start position.
Speed Limits
Fuel costs
vehicle idle alerts
Start stop reports
exact real time location