Monday, February 7, 2011

Mercedes Benz CLS 2012

Mercedes Benz CLS 2012 sedan will be in new shape for Benz lovers. Wagon like shooting brake variant will also be available in Mercedes Benz CLS 2012. Car is not much changed in its very basic design and elegant looks. This Mercedes Benz CLS 2012 reflects four door coupe trend trend in auto makers in these days. At very first spy leaked images were taken from leaked manual of Mercedes Benz CLS 2012. Now Mercedes officially publish the pics of Mercedes Benz CLS 2012.

Mercedes Benz CLS 2012 have stylish and striking head lights & Mercedes Benz CLS 2012 uses a full-LED setup with a total of seventy one 71 bulbs making up the main headlamps including also  running lamps, turn signals and side lamps. Over all size of the vehicle will be the same but slightly shorter from E class cars. Mercedes Benz CLS 2012 will also support gps vehicle tracking and other portable modern systems of cars & vehicles.