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Honda Accord owners manual 2002

Free download owners manual of vehicle Honda accord 2002 model. This manual have information about vehicle 2002 Honda Accord DX, Honda Accord LX, Honda Accord EX, Honda Accord SE, Honda Accord 6 cylinder model and 2002 Honda Accord Value Package model. Content of manual Include
Driver and Passenger Safety Important Safety PrecautionsYour Car’s Safety Features [ Seat Belts ~ Airbags  Seats & Seat-Backs  Head Restraints  Door Locks  Pre-Drive Safety Checklist Protecting Adults [ 1 Close and Lock the Doors 2 Adjust the Front Seats  3 Adjust the Seat-Backs  4 Adjust the Head Restraints  5 Fasten and Position the Seat Belts  6 Adjust the Steering Wheel  7 Maintain a Proper Sitting Position  Advice for Pregnant Women  Additional Safety Precautions Protecting Children [ All Children Must Be Restrained Children Should Sit in the Back Seat  The Passenger’s Front Airbag Poses Serious Risks to Children  If You Must Drive with Several Children  If a Child Requires Close Attention Additional Safety Precautions [ General Guidelines for Using Child Seats  Protecting Infants  Protecting Small Children  Protecting Larger Children  Using Child Seats with Tethers  Using LATCH Additional Information About Your Seat Belts [ Seat Belt System Components  Lap/Shoulder Belt  Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners  Seat Belt Maintenance Additional Information About Your Airbags  SRS Components  How Your Front Airbags Work  How Your Side Airbags Work  How the SRS Indicator Light Works  How the Side Airbag Off Indicator Light Works  Airbag Service  Additional Safety Precautions Carbon Monoxide Hazar Safety Labels
  • Instruments and Controls Control Locations Indicator LightsGauges Speedometer Tachometer  Odometer TripMeter  Temperature Gauge  Fuel Gauge  Maintenance Required Indicator Controls Near the Steering Wheel [ Headlights  Automatic Lighting Off Feature  Daytime Running Lights  Instrument Panel Brightness Turn Signals  Windshield Wipers  Windshield Washers  Hazard Warning  Rear Window Defogger  Steering Wheel Adjustment  Keys and Locks Keys  Immobilizer System  Ignition Switch  Door Locks  Power Door Locks Remote Transmitter  Childproof Door Locks  Trunk Emergency Trunk Opener  Glove Box Seat Adjustments  Front Seat Adjustments  Driver’s Seat Manual Height Adjustment  Driver’s Seat Power Height Adjustment  Driver’s Seat Full Power Adjustments  Driver’s Lumbar Support  Front Passenger’s Seat Adjustments  Head Restraints  Folding Rear Seat  Rear Seat Armrest Seat Heaters Power Windows Moonroof Mirrors [ Adjusting the Power Mirrors ] Parking Brake Digital Clock Console Compartment Coin Box Beverage Holder Sun Visor Vanity Mirror Sunglasses Holder Accessory Power Socket Interior Lights
  • Comfort and Convenience Features Heating and Cooling  What Each Control Does  How to Use the System  To Turn Everything Off Climate Control System [ Fully-automatic Operation  Semi-automatic Operation  Sunlight Sensor/ Temperature Sensor ] Audio System (DX) [ Operating the Radio  Adjusting the Sound  Operating the Cassette Player  Caring for Cassettes  Operating the Optional CD Changer  Protecting Compact Discs  CD Changer Error Indications ] Audio System (LX and US LX V-6)  Operating the Radio  Adjusting the Sound  Operating the CD Player  Operating the CD Changer  CD player Error Indications  CD Changer Error Indications  Operating the Cassette Player  Tape Search Functions  Caring for the Cassette Player ] Audio System (US EX, Canada EX-L and EX V-6) [ Operating the Radio  Adjusting the Sound  Audio System Lighting  Operating the Cassette Player  Tape Search Functions  Caring for the Cassette Player  Operating the CD Changer  Protecting Compact Discs  CD Changer Error Indications Audio System (US Value Package and SE models) [ Operating the Radio  Adjusting the Sound  Radio Frequencies  Radio Reception  Operating the CD Player  Operating the Optional CD Changer  Protecting Compact Discs  CD Player Error Indications  CD Changer Error Indications  Operating the Cassette Player  Caring for the Cassette Player  Remote Audio Controls  Theft Protection Security System Cruise Control Homelink Universal Transceiver
  • Before Driving Break-in Period Gasoline Service Station Procedures  Filling the Fuel Tank  Opening the Hood  Oil Check  Engine Coolant Check  Fuel Economy  Vehicle Condition  Driving Habits  Accessories and Modifications Carrying Cargo
  • Driving Preparing to Drive Starting the Engine Starting in Cold Weather at High Altitude 5-speed Manual Transmission  Recommended Shift Points  Engine Speed Limiter  Automatic Transmission Shift Lever Position Indicator  Shift Lever Positions  Engine Speed Limiter  Shift Lock Release  Parking The Braking System Brake Wear Indicators Brake System Design  Anti-lock Brakes  Important Safety Reminders  ABS Indicator Traction Control System  TCS ON/OFF Switch  TCS Indicator  Driving in Bad Weather Towing a Trailer
  • Maintenance Maintenance Safety [ Important Safety Precautions ]Maintenance ScheduleRequired Maintenance Record Owner Maintenance ChecksFluid Locations Engine Oil [ Adding Oil ~ Recommended Oil ~ Synthetic Oil ~ Additives ~ Changing the Oil and Filter Cooling System [ Adding Engine Coolant ~ Replacing Engine Coolant ]Windshield Washers Transmission Fluid [ Automatic Transmission ~ 5-speed Manual Transmission ] Brake and Clutch Fluid [ Brake System ~ Clutch System ] Power Steering Air Cleaner Element Hood Latch Spark Plugs [ Replacement ~ Specifications ] Battery Wiper Blades Air Conditioning System Dust and Pollen Filter Drive Belts Timing Belt Tires [ Inflation  Inspection  Maintenance ~ Tire Rotation ~ Replacing Tires and Wheels ~ Wheels and Tires  Winter Driving ]Lights  Replacing Bulbs Storing Your Car
  • Appearance CareExterior Care [ Washing ~ Waxing ~ Aluminum Wheels ~ Paint Touch-up ]Interior Care [ Carpeting ~ Floor Mats ~ Fabric ~ Vinyl ~ Leather ~ Seat Belts ~ Windows ~ Air Fresheners ]Corrosion Protection Body Repairs
  • Taking Care of the Unexpected Compact Spare Tire Changing a Flat Tire If Your Engine Won’t Start [ Nothing Happens or the Starter Motor Operates Very Slowly ~ The Starter Operates Normally ] Jump Starting If Your Engine Overheats Low Oil Pressure Indicator Charging System Indicator Malfunction Indicator Lamp [ Readiness Codes ] Brake System Indicator Closing the Moon roof Fuses [ Checking and Replacing ] Emergency Towing
  • Technical Information Identification Numbers Specifications DOT Tire Quality Grading [ Treadwear ~ Traction ~ Temperature ] Oxygenated Fuels Driving in Foreign Countries Emissions Controls [ The Clean Air Act ~ Crankcase Emissions Control System ~ Evaporative Emissions Control System ~ Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery ~ Exhaust Emissions Controls PGM-FI System ~ Ignition Timing Control System ~ Three Way Catalytic Converter ~ Replacement Parts ] Three Way Catalytic Converter State Emissions Testing

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