Monday, May 15, 2017

TOYOTA HIACE 1989-2004 RZH-LH Series repair manual

This Toyota HiAce model display showed up in mid 1989 and was accessible in standard wheelbase and long wheelbase variations; a Grand Cabin; standard wheelbase and long wheelbase van; long wheelbase and super long wheelbase high rooftop van. The last offers a body outline with the Commuter, which is a 15people minibus. This manual covers very basic information regarding different models. Toyota HiAce have many different variants under this generation. A scope of motors were accessible in the fourth era vehicles, running from 2.0-liter petroleum motors to 3.0-liter turbo diesel motors. Most forms are raise wheel drive, yet low maintenance or full time four-wheel drive adaptations were sold relying upon determination level and market. The base model is ordinarily the DX. Upmarket variants included CD, GL, and super GL models, But this manual can cover more or less information that you are looking for. This manual also cover repair of engine.


Please read all instructions included in manuals carefully.