Monday, May 1, 2017

5 must things to consider when buying a new car

5 must things to consider when buying a new car

Major car manufacturers recalling famous car brands proves that you can not ignore quality checking when buying a new car. People usually thinks that new cars are always clear from problems, but unfortunately this is not the case new cars have problems and new car buyer needs to be aware when paying hard earned money.

1.     Think in Advance
Before deciding on type of vehicle always think you may need different type of car in a years time. You are in love with sedan but moving to inner city area in six months where hatch back always fit in little parking spaces.
You are thinking to buy a car capacity of carrying five passengers but family is growing in near future and you family will demand a car with seven seats.
It is very exciting to start a new car and drive off from showroom with smell of new car. In this excitement you just lost twenty percent of paid money. Even If you go back to showroom very next and ask the you want to sell it they will offer you less price than what you paid. Car is depreciating asset and it looses value with every kilometer driven.

Think in advance and buy the car that is suitable for you for at least next five years.

2.     Research
Now you have made the decision of buying a new car, simply open Google and search for recalls and known defects in your decided car. Read reviews. Search for recalls and defects in different countries. Same model of same manufacture may have recalls in America but not in other countries.

3. Safety
Consider weather and environment of your city before buying a new car.  Some cars are safer in snowy areas. Consider that four-wheel drive/all wheel drive is suitable for you or two-wheel drive is enough for your requirements.

4. Don’t forget to save
Same new car with same inclusions can have different prices from different dealerships. Always visit few dealers to get prices. If you cannot visit at least call and get quotes.

After you have made you mind buy and finalised list f accessories, ask for discounts and bargain hard. Car dealers some time have specials and clearance from manufacturer that they do not pass on to consumers. There is always a margin of discount in quoted price that you may get if you ask for it.

5. Build Date
Always check build date of vehicle. Build date can be in previous year and your vehicle will be considered in previous year regardless of first sale or registration date. Do not confuse with compliance date. Build date is when the vehicle actually been built and compliance date is when is when compliance plate is fitted or when authorities considered vehicle as complied.