Sunday, April 17, 2011

gps fleet tracking benefits for small companies

Small companies also have benefits as big corporations are enjoying cost effectiveness and good management of their fleet. distinctive features of gps fleet tracking are listed below

Extend the life of your fleet
•     Receive alerts when scheduled maintenance is needed or when diagnostic alerts occur
(diagnostic units only)
GPS fleet tracking is not only knowing the position of vehicle in your fleet but it also deals with many other aspects of vehicle maintenance and servicing.

 Improve Response Times
•     Dispatch the closest driver every time. Real-time tracking gives you the edge you need on your

Fuel Savings
•     Limit Speeding
•     Curb Idling
•     Unauthorized Usage Awareness
•     Optimized Routes

Improve Productivity
•     Reduce Your Labor Costs
•     Driver/ Vehicle Safety

Custom Reports and Alerts
•     Easily manage the exceptions with automated reports and alerts which meet your exact needs and/
or requirements

Mobile Access
•     Manage your fleet via mobile device and receive exception alerts when you are away from the office

Toyota Recomended Maintinance Schedule 2000-2001

This schedule is combined for different toyota vehicles on diffrent service and maintinance types like oil and filter service, maintenance service, tire inspection, air filter replacement, coolant replacement, automatic transmission, fluid replacement, manual transmission , fluid replacement
differential fluid , replacement , transfer case fluid, replacement, fuel system inspection, valve clearance, inspection, standard spark plug, replacement, platinum/iridium spark, plug replacement, timing belt, replacement, propeller shaft, lubrication, grease front, wheel bearings ecluding gps navigation services. Download 2000-2001 Toyota recommended maintenance schedule.


Toyota Prado Genuine Accessories Manual

Download Toyota Prado Genuine Accessories Manual. This manual compares different variant of Prado against accessories available. Accessories divided in different categories like audio & electrical, exterior, body enhancement, sportivo alloy wheels, Interiors, bullbars, towbars, others not including gps navigation system etc. Downlaod Toyota Prado genuine accessories.


Toyota Corolla XM Satellite Radio Manual PDF download

Toyota Corolla XM Satellite Radio manual including description and installation of Radio. This manual guide is for Toyota Corolla 2009 Model. Care must be taken when installing this accessory to ensure damage does not occur to the vehicle. The installation of this accessory should follow approved guidelines to ensure a quality installation. Manual inculudes information only for satellite radio excluding gps vehicle tracking manual. Download Toyota Corolla XM Satellite Radio manual.


Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Honda Odyssey Personalized Settings Manual

This Manual tells users how to Personalize different setting in vehicle Honda Odyssey according to their taste preferences and local conditions. The Honda Odyssey is equipped with a number of convenience features that can be customized to your customer’s preferences (applicable features depend on the vehicle’s trim level). Personalize the settings for your customer as listed below. Additional details are contained in the Technology Reference Guide, Owner’s Manual, and gps Navigation System Manual for other systems and settings on different parts.


Honda Jazz / Fit VTi-S 1.5 Manual 2002 best worst performance specifications report PDF

Honda Jazz is also called Honda FitDownload  best worst performance specifications report PDF of Honda Jazz VTi-S 1.5 Litre Manual. The Jazz is a new entry-level model from Honda that is a high roof, compact, five door hatchback.  Some clever design features have given the Jazz a versatile seating arrangement and good interior space.  The Jazz is available in three variants with either a 1.3 or a 1.5 litre engine.  Light and positive controls make the Jazz a pleasant and easy vehicle to drive. This report in PDF format includes basic performances of vehicle with out describing modern technologies like gps vehicle tracking. Downlaod report in PDF format.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GPS Navigation system Manual Honda Civic Hybrid 2008

Download gps navigation system manual Honda Civic Hybrid 2008.  Contents of this manual include Manual Overview, System Overview, Accessories Precautions, Important Safety Information, Map Overview, Current Street, Verified/Unverified Street, ser Agreement, etting Started, System Controls, Voice Control Basics, Using the Voice Control System, Improving Voice Recognition, Selecting an Item (Button) on the Screen, Selecting an Item in a List, Using the On-screen Keyboard, System Start-up, Map Screen Legend, Map Screen Description, Zoom In/Out, Map Scrolling, Displaying Current Location, System Function Diagram, By Address, Selecting the State or Province, Selecting the City, Selecting the Street, Entering the Street Number, By Intersection, Selecting the State or Province, Selecting the City, Selecting the Street, By Places, Finding the Place by Category, Finding the Place by Name, Finding the Place by Phone, Number, By Map Input, Showing the Map of Current, Position, Showing the Map of City, Showing the Map of State, Showing the Map of, Continental USA, By Previous Destinations, By Today’s Destinations, Editing Today’s Destination List, Adding Destinations to the List, By Address Book, Correct Vehicle Position, System Information, Basic Settings, Keyboard Layout, Units (mile or km), Voice Recognition Feedback, Clock Settings, Clock Adjustment, Clock Type, Color, Map Color, Menu Color, System Initialization, System Initialization, Entering the Security Code, GPS Initialization, Map Matching, System Limitations, Database Limitations, Customer Assistance, Reporting Errors, Honda Automobile Customer
Service, Visiting Your Dealer, Obtaining a Navigation, Update DVD, Changing the DVD, PC Card Operation with Navi, Inserting the PC Card, Voice Control of PC Card, Functions, CD/CD-R Operation, with Navi, Voice Control of CD Functions, Coverage Areas, Map Coverage, Operation in Hawaii and Alaska, U.S. Detailed Coverage Areas Canada Detailed
Coverage Areas, Frequently Asked Questions, Troubleshooting. Glossary, Glossary, Voice Command Index, Global Commands, Navigation General, Commands, Navigation Display, Commands, Find Place Commands, Climate Control Commands, Temperature Voice
Commands, Radio Voice Commands, CD Voice Commands, PC Card Voice Commands, Information Screen Voice, Commands, Setup Screen (first), Commands, On-Screen Commands, On-Screen Commands Assist. This manual contains information on gps vehicle tracking linked with gps navigation system. Download  GPS Navigation system Manual Honda Civic Hybrid 2008.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Toyota ignition system EFI/TCCS troubleshooting and description manual

Download PDF Toyota EFI/TCCS ignition system trouble shooting and description manual. The difference between EFI andTCCS ignition system is the way spark angle is manged. Conventional EFI system uses mechanical weight and vacuum diaphragms to accomplish this. This manual only concerns with Toyota EFI/TCCS ignition system Download Toyota ignition system EFI/TCCS troubleshooting and description manual.


Toyota Camry 2011 Brochure

Download Toyota Camry 2011 complete brochure with technical specifications, colors available and exterior interior details.  Toyota Camry is America's best selling car. Plenty of research tools can help you decide which car to buy, but this one’s foolproof: the annual list of America’s best-selling cars. Camry. Why do more people make our Camry their car of choice. Because nothing else combines Toyota’s reliability, longevity, fuel economy and value for the money with Camry’s bold, confident sense of style. Really, the question isn’t which car, Based on manufacturers’ passenger car sales data. Includes Camry Solara. it’s which Camry model: Camry, LE, SE, XLE or Hybrid. The 2011 Toyota Camry.This is not owners manual neither contains any information on system and gps vehicle tracking. It is only Brochure. Download Toyota Camry 2011 Brochure

Download Camry Brochure
Download detailed Brochure

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Used Land Rover Buying Guide

Download guide for buying used Land Rover. This guide explains in depth what to look for when buying a used Land Rover. Different Land Rover Generations with different checking approaches especially for chassis. This is not an owners manual this guide is for those who re looking for buying a used Land Rover. This guide includes information on basic options of Land Rover excluding gps vehicle tracking. Download Used Land Rover Buying Guide. This guide is for Land Rover Series II and Series IIA, Series III, Stage I V8.


Online Reference Manual Civic Sedan GX 2009 model

Download Civic Sedan GX online Reference Manual 2009. Contents of this manual include Instruments and Controls, Instrument Panel Indicators, Gauges, Rear Seat, Before Driving, Fuel, Refueling Procedure, Fuel System Components, Fuel Cutoff System, Carrying Cargo, Driving, Starting the Engine, Towing a Trailer. Maintenance, Maintenance Minder, Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, Fuel Tank, Tires, Lights,  Vehicle Storage, Taking Careof the Unexpected, Changinga Flat Tire, If the Fuel System Hasa Leak, Jump Starting, Fuses, Fuse Locations, Technical, Information, Specifications, Authorized Manuals. Your Civic GX runs on compressed natural gas(CNG),a highly pressurized version of the same clean-burning natural gas used in many homes. Your Civic GX operates and performs like a gasoline-powered Civic.However,there area few differences you should beware of. In addition to reading theCivic Sedan owner’s manual. please read this supplement care fully to under stand the operation and unique features of your Civic GX.  this manual is not complete owners manual of Civc Sedan GX and exclude modern vehicle technologies like gps vehicle  tracking. This is online reference manual for Civic sedan GX 2009 model.

Jeep Patriot 2008 limited description guide

Download description guide about Jeep Patriot 2008 Limited. The Jeep Patriot concept was first introduced at the 2005 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The Jeep Patriot is larger than Jeep Compass, but smaller than the Commander. this guide tells thatthe Compass takes sales away from the Patriot, while the Patriot is the better vehicle. Anti-lock 4-wheel disc brakes,  speed-sensitive power locks, automatically dimming rearview mirrors, rear window defroster, and rear window wipers are part of the basic package. SIRIUS Satellite Radio and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls are also part of the basic package, which surprised me are included in description excluding key less entry options and gps vehicle tracking. Download Jeep Patriot 2008 limited description guide.


Honda Civic Fuel System Manual

Download description manual for Honda Civic fuel system including Fuel system components like fuel tank, fuel recept valve, fuel shutoff valve, fuel filter (high pressure), fuel filter low pressure, fuel injectors, fuel feed line, fuel pressure regulators. Fuel system components in the Civic CNG comply with NFPA-52 standards. Fuel cutoff system and carrying cargo in Honda Civic is also included in this manual. Fuel system have linkage with gps vehicle tracking in case of haulting vehicle that is not explained in this manual. This manual only contains information on Honda Civic Fuel System.


Specifications and details Honda Civic complete range 2005

Download specification and details pdf manual for Honda civic 2005 for all models. This manual include Honda civic 3door, 5 door and 4 door versions. Information for buyers and owners is present in this PDF  manual e book. This manual includes complete specifications of Honda Civic all versions available in 2005. Includes information on navigation and CD tuner excluding gps vehicle tracking. Download Specifications and details Honda Civic complete range 2005.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toyota Prado 5 Door Technical Specifications and Technology Features PDF

Download 5 Door Prado Technical Specifications and Technology Features in PDF format with complete coverage of all models including GX, GXL, engine specification, listing or description of all features are included in this manual of Toyota Prado as cruise control and gps vehicle tracking navigation system. Download Toyota Prado 5 Door Technical Specifications and Technology Features.


Toyota Gps navigation system Quick Reference Guide

Download quick reference guide for Toyota gps navigation system. This guide manual describe very basic functions and procedures involved in gps vehicle tracking in gps navigation system for Toyota. This manual guide  explains Denso Toyota home registration procedure with snaps of detailed steps. It includes quick tips and safety instructions. It also describes destination input and point of interest input POI. Download Toyota Gps navigation system Quick Reference Guide.


Nissan GTR gps navigation system manual 2009

Download Nissan GTR 2009 navigation system manual. This user’s manual is for the navigation system only. This manual contains operating instructions for the NISSAN Navigation System offered in your NISSAN vehicle. Contents of this manual include Multi function display system, navigation, audio system, Blue tooth hands free audio system, Heater and air conditioner, viewing information, This is complete manual for gps navigation system and includes information on gps vehicle tracking. Download Nissan GTR  gps navigation system manual 2009.


GPS products catalog

Download GPS products catalog. This is in PDF format and includes title of products related to gps vehicle tracking and gps fleet tracking. In front each product name manufacturers name is present with manufacturer part number and distributors part number. gps products of garmin are listed on page 36 to 49.Download GPS products catalog.


Jeep compass manual

Free Download jeep Compass manual. This manual contains information servicing of different parts and systems of vehicle excluding modern systems like gps vehicle tracking. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and maintenance of your new vehicle. It is supplemented by a Warranty Information Booklet and various customer oriented documents. You are urged to read these publications carefully. Following the instructions and recommendations in this manual will help assure safe and enjoyable operation of your vehicle. Read our disclaimer before downloading. Download Jeep Compass 2007 Service manual.

2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser Quick Reference Guide

Download 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser Quick Reference Guide. This Quick Reference Guide is a summary of basic vehicle operations. It contains brief descriptions of fundamental operations so you can locate and use the vehicle’s main equipment quickly and easily. The Quick Reference Guide is not intended as a substitute for the Owner’s Manual located in your vehicle’s glove box. We strongly encourage you to review the Owner’s Manual and supplementary manuals so you will have a better understanding of your vehicle’s capabilities and limitations. Your dealership and the entire staff of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. wish you many years of satisfied driving in your new FJ Cruiser. The contents of this manual include Engine maintenance Fuel tank door release and Hood release, Indicator symbols, Instrument cluster, Instrument panel, Keyless entry
Accessory meter, Air Conditioning/Heating , Audio, Automatic Transmission, Bottle, holders-Rear seat, Clock, Cruise control, Cup holders, Door-Back, Four-wheel drive, Intuitive parking assist, Light control-Instrument pan, Lights & turn signals, Parking brake, Power, outlet-12V DC, Power outlet-115V AC, Seat adjustments-Front, Seats-Folding rear seats, Seats-Head restraints, Seats-Removing rear seats, Tilt steering wheel, VSC OFF button, Windows, Windshield wipers & washers, Door locks, Seat belts, Seat belts-Shoulder belt anchor, Spare tire & tools, Tire Pressure Monitoring (warning) Syst. This manual is for only quick reference with out information on gps vehicle tracking. This manual includes information with illustration of pictures. Download  2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser Quick Reference Guide.

Installation Instructions Ford Focus

Download Installation Instruction Manual Ford Focus. Ford Focus is small car for family by Ford. Worldwide production of Ford started  in 2000. This manual is in PDF and includes A to F installation Instructions.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Ford edge Owners Manual model 2007

vDownload Ford edge Owners Manual  model 2007. This manual consists of information on different parts and systems of vehicle. This manual includes information important for owners of vehicle.


User guide Jeep Commander 2010

This vehicle guide is for owners of the Jeep Commander 2010. This guide provides information for owners of vehicle to make them familiarize with different vehicle systems and functions. This guide provide information for basic functions of vehicle illustrated by pictures not on advanced vehicle options like gps vehicle tracking. It describes cockpit functions for users including drivers and service personals. Download User guide Jeep Commander 2010.


2013 Mercedes A class Concept, small compact car by Mercedes

This new A class concept Mercedes is first compact class vehicle by Mercedes. A class will go on sale in 2013 with 2 Liter Turbo engine capable of producing 320bhp & powering all four wheels. This A class will be straight positioned against Audi S3. Mercedes 2013 A class will use many features of C class Mercedes. Over all shape of A class is different than previous models of others classes of Mercedes. Its now aggressive having stylish edges and designed to follow basic principals of Mercedes.
Mercedes calls it '' A car that might have come from another planet". Appearance and shape of Mercedes is inspired by world of aviation. Mercedes A class is smallest car by Mercedes and Mercedes want to conquer the compact premium market. There is great potential for this car in Asian markets where zippy and rapid vehicles are successful. Mercedes A class concept  is first venture of Mercedes A class concept. It is not only compact but stylish and beautifully curved as there is not a single compact vehicle available in market that can compete with Mercedes A class 2013 on looks and shape. Mercedes is debuting this concept vehicle in different auto shows and a large no. of people are interested in this vehicle which is sign of sense of fuel saving emerged in big auto makers like Mercedes. In first sight this car is capable of grabbing the attention of buyers. Mercedes A class compact will fully support gps vehicle tracking. Mercedes A class concept is gaining attention of world media related to auto shows very fast.
Mercedes is known for its road grip but when we talk about small compact cars where fuel efficiency is priority. It is a big question mark on A class that how it can be smaller with road grip for which Mercedes is known for. It is expected that Mercedes will deploy all its resources to tackle this issue. A class is also critisized for using some interior functions of C class. The fantastic front grill with innovative feature gives this A class a life.It is expected that this car will add fuel efficiency to the Mercedes buyers and prestige of Mercedes to the buyers of small cars. A personal transportation car with luxurious looks.

Designer of Mercedes A class is the one who designed SLS Mercedes. Thats why The elements of can be seen in A class.

Nobody knows what will be the price of this A class in 2013. Its price will decide its niche in US and in the World. Some experts are suggesting its price below 30'000 $ while some price it above. 28-32 thousand $ is the thresh hold price for this piece of beauty Mercedes A class 2013 that will decide weather Mercedes is targeting Mercedes buyers or the buyers of small compact cars.

Designers spent a good time effort in designing this car in a way that will not damage the Mercedes image and having fuel efficiency.