Sunday, April 17, 2011

gps fleet tracking benefits for small companies

Small companies also have benefits as big corporations are enjoying cost effectiveness and good management of their fleet. distinctive features of gps fleet tracking are listed below

Extend the life of your fleet
•     Receive alerts when scheduled maintenance is needed or when diagnostic alerts occur
(diagnostic units only)
GPS fleet tracking is not only knowing the position of vehicle in your fleet but it also deals with many other aspects of vehicle maintenance and servicing.

 Improve Response Times
•     Dispatch the closest driver every time. Real-time tracking gives you the edge you need on your

Fuel Savings
•     Limit Speeding
•     Curb Idling
•     Unauthorized Usage Awareness
•     Optimized Routes

Improve Productivity
•     Reduce Your Labor Costs
•     Driver/ Vehicle Safety

Custom Reports and Alerts
•     Easily manage the exceptions with automated reports and alerts which meet your exact needs and/
or requirements

Mobile Access
•     Manage your fleet via mobile device and receive exception alerts when you are away from the office