Friday, April 8, 2011

2013 Mercedes A class Concept, small compact car by Mercedes

This new A class concept Mercedes is first compact class vehicle by Mercedes. A class will go on sale in 2013 with 2 Liter Turbo engine capable of producing 320bhp & powering all four wheels. This A class will be straight positioned against Audi S3. Mercedes 2013 A class will use many features of C class Mercedes. Over all shape of A class is different than previous models of others classes of Mercedes. Its now aggressive having stylish edges and designed to follow basic principals of Mercedes.
Mercedes calls it '' A car that might have come from another planet". Appearance and shape of Mercedes is inspired by world of aviation. Mercedes A class is smallest car by Mercedes and Mercedes want to conquer the compact premium market. There is great potential for this car in Asian markets where zippy and rapid vehicles are successful. Mercedes A class concept  is first venture of Mercedes A class concept. It is not only compact but stylish and beautifully curved as there is not a single compact vehicle available in market that can compete with Mercedes A class 2013 on looks and shape. Mercedes is debuting this concept vehicle in different auto shows and a large no. of people are interested in this vehicle which is sign of sense of fuel saving emerged in big auto makers like Mercedes. In first sight this car is capable of grabbing the attention of buyers. Mercedes A class compact will fully support gps vehicle tracking. Mercedes A class concept is gaining attention of world media related to auto shows very fast.
Mercedes is known for its road grip but when we talk about small compact cars where fuel efficiency is priority. It is a big question mark on A class that how it can be smaller with road grip for which Mercedes is known for. It is expected that Mercedes will deploy all its resources to tackle this issue. A class is also critisized for using some interior functions of C class. The fantastic front grill with innovative feature gives this A class a life.It is expected that this car will add fuel efficiency to the Mercedes buyers and prestige of Mercedes to the buyers of small cars. A personal transportation car with luxurious looks.

Designer of Mercedes A class is the one who designed SLS Mercedes. Thats why The elements of can be seen in A class.

Nobody knows what will be the price of this A class in 2013. Its price will decide its niche in US and in the World. Some experts are suggesting its price below 30'000 $ while some price it above. 28-32 thousand $ is the thresh hold price for this piece of beauty Mercedes A class 2013 that will decide weather Mercedes is targeting Mercedes buyers or the buyers of small compact cars.

Designers spent a good time effort in designing this car in a way that will not damage the Mercedes image and having fuel efficiency.