Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GPS Navigation system Manual Honda Civic Hybrid 2008

Download gps navigation system manual Honda Civic Hybrid 2008.  Contents of this manual include Manual Overview, System Overview, Accessories Precautions, Important Safety Information, Map Overview, Current Street, Verified/Unverified Street, ser Agreement, etting Started, System Controls, Voice Control Basics, Using the Voice Control System, Improving Voice Recognition, Selecting an Item (Button) on the Screen, Selecting an Item in a List, Using the On-screen Keyboard, System Start-up, Map Screen Legend, Map Screen Description, Zoom In/Out, Map Scrolling, Displaying Current Location, System Function Diagram, By Address, Selecting the State or Province, Selecting the City, Selecting the Street, Entering the Street Number, By Intersection, Selecting the State or Province, Selecting the City, Selecting the Street, By Places, Finding the Place by Category, Finding the Place by Name, Finding the Place by Phone, Number, By Map Input, Showing the Map of Current, Position, Showing the Map of City, Showing the Map of State, Showing the Map of, Continental USA, By Previous Destinations, By Today’s Destinations, Editing Today’s Destination List, Adding Destinations to the List, By Address Book, Correct Vehicle Position, System Information, Basic Settings, Keyboard Layout, Units (mile or km), Voice Recognition Feedback, Clock Settings, Clock Adjustment, Clock Type, Color, Map Color, Menu Color, System Initialization, System Initialization, Entering the Security Code, GPS Initialization, Map Matching, System Limitations, Database Limitations, Customer Assistance, Reporting Errors, Honda Automobile Customer
Service, Visiting Your Dealer, Obtaining a Navigation, Update DVD, Changing the DVD, PC Card Operation with Navi, Inserting the PC Card, Voice Control of PC Card, Functions, CD/CD-R Operation, with Navi, Voice Control of CD Functions, Coverage Areas, Map Coverage, Operation in Hawaii and Alaska, U.S. Detailed Coverage Areas Canada Detailed
Coverage Areas, Frequently Asked Questions, Troubleshooting. Glossary, Glossary, Voice Command Index, Global Commands, Navigation General, Commands, Navigation Display, Commands, Find Place Commands, Climate Control Commands, Temperature Voice
Commands, Radio Voice Commands, CD Voice Commands, PC Card Voice Commands, Information Screen Voice, Commands, Setup Screen (first), Commands, On-Screen Commands, On-Screen Commands Assist. This manual contains information on gps vehicle tracking linked with gps navigation system. Download  GPS Navigation system Manual Honda Civic Hybrid 2008.