Monday, April 4, 2011

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Automated Driving System

Knowing your position on earth is important question for people. In past stars, moon & sun was in use to locate positions and directions on earth. GPS has evolved from the United States Navy to the twenty four-satellite constellation that it is now.  Second satellite navigation system was built in 1967  called Timation. Timation gps  system improved upon the Transit system by using an atomic clock. But Timation was inaccurate and inefficient up to an extent. The year was 1973 when Navy and Air Force teamed up and formed the New Navigation Technology Program, That programme became Navigation System and Ranging or NAVSTAR GPS. 

One of the widest use of GPS technology is now in vehicles.  Navlab incorporated a video camera and a GPS system for the purpose of driving from Pittsburgh to San Diego in 1995. This system have the ability to reduce idle time and traffic jams.  Technology may allow The gps vehicle tracking systems of vehicle to communicate with each other automatically in future. When this will happen problem of traffic jams will be solved.