Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toyota Pruis 2012

Toyota Pruis 2012 is announced by Toyota designed to be the most affordable Prius in the family. Toyota Pruis C Concept is will be available for sale in 2012. This is a hatch back pruis that is built by considering the fuel economy efficiency by Toyota. Toyota Pruis C concept 2012 is Essentially a restyled version of the Toyota FT-CH concept and this Prius C Concept is eco-sensitive with high-mileage, fun-to-drive Prius. Target market for Pruis is young singles and couple who love to be in style with economic pleasure. Toyota Pruis C Concept 2012 is urban car best for rush hours. It is rapid and zippy in towns. This little Pruis is 560mm shorter than regular version of pruis.