Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toyota Pruis 2010-1011 Owners Guide

Download Firs Edition of Toyota Pruis model years 2010 2011. Contents included in this manual are DRIVING, Just Drive It, Modes, Eco-Meter , Energy Monitor , Consumption, Trip Info, Battery Info, Brake Assist, Tire Pressure , BUTTONS , Steering-Wheel, Voice, Cabin Air , Window Defog, Fan Options, Other Buttons, HELPFUL TIPS, Fuel Door , Rear Hatch, Grille Blocking , OTHER, External Cargo, EDUCATION, Operational Info, GLOSSARY . The “Just Drive It” advice isn’t needed anymore. A decade ago when Prius was new, there were many misconceptions about the technology. Back then, new owners were unfamiliar with hybrid behavior, such as the engine shutting off when coming to a stop. Now that Prius is a mainstream vehicle, those concerns have vanished and the hybrid system is well proven. There’s no need to do anything special to achieve high efficiency. Drive the car just as you would any other vehicle. But still take a moment to enjoy the smooth & quiet operation. Download Toyota Pruis 2010-1011 Owners Guide Download