Monday, August 22, 2011

Owners Manual Nissan Sentara / Sunny 1996 Download

Nissan Sunny And Nissan Sentara are the names of same vehicle. Sentara is used in USA and some other regions while Nissan Sunny is name used in Japan and some other countries.  Download Nissan Sentara Owners Manual for model year 1996. This manual is for owners and operators of vehicle to assist them in getting better understanding of vehicle functions and systems. This manual of Nissan Sentara 1996  was prepared to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your vehicle so that you may enjoy many miles of driving pleasure. Please read through this manual of  Nissan Sentara 1996 before operating your vehicle. A separate ‘‘Warranty Information Booklet’’ explains details about the warranties covering your vehicle. Your NISSAN dealer knows your vehicle best. When you require any service or have any questions, he will be glad to assist you with the extensive resources available to him. Some of the contents included in , are Meters and gauges, Speedometer and odometer, Tachometer (If so equipped), Engine coolant , temperature gauge, Fuel gauge, Warning/indicator lights and chimes, Theft warning (If so equipped), Windshield wiper and washer switch, Rear window defogger switch, Headlight and turn signal switch, Instrument brightness control, Front fog light switch (If so equipped), Hazard warning flasher switch, Cigarette lighter (accessory) and ashtray, Cup holder, Power windows (If so equipped), Sun roof (If so equipped), Interior light, Trunk light (If so equipped), Key, Door locks, Multi-remote control system (If so equipped), Child safety rear door lock, Hood release, Glove box, Trunk lid lock operation, Fuel filler lid lock operation, Front Seats, Supplemental restraint system, (Air bag system) (If so equipped), Warning labels (If so equipped), Air bag warning light (If so equipped), Seat belts, Child restraints for, infants and small children, Tilting steering wheel, Outside mirror control, Inside mirror, Vanity mirror (If so equipped), Precautions when starting and driving, Ignition switch, Before starting the engine, Driving with automatic transmission, Driving with manual transmission, Starting the engine, Parking brake operation, Cruise control (If so equipped), Break-in schedule, Increasing fuel economy, Parking/parking on hills, Precautions when driving, Anti-lock brake system (ABS) (If so equipped), Cold weather driving cautions, Cleaning exterior and interior, Corrosion protection, Maintenance precautions, Engine compartment check locations, Engine cooling system, Engine oil, Automatic transmission fluid, Power steering fluid, Brake fluid, Window washer fluid, Battery, Drive belts, Spark plug replacement, Air cleaner housing filter, Wiper blades, Parking brake check, Brake pedal, Brake booster, Clutch pedal, Fuses, Light bulbs, Headlight aiming adjustment, Bulb replacement, Wheels and tires. download Nissan Sunny / Nissan Sentara Owners Manual.