Friday, August 5, 2011

Camry 2012 | Camry 2013 Multiple Stories

Toyota Camry 2012 has a series of predictions and spy claims but no one exactly knows what is reality. Multiple claims came forward from different sources but one after another different stories are under circulation so it is hard to find the truth about Toyota Camry 2012. Here are the pictures claimed as Toyota Camry 2012 but they are too many and different no body knows what to believe about Camry 2012. It is also expected that this Camry may are may not revealed in 2012 but this theory has its point that Toyota may reveal Camry in 2012 but it may went to sale in 2013 So we should call it Camry 2013 instead of 2012.
Claimed To Be Camry Leaked Broucher Amazing looks claimed to be Camry 2012 or 2013 SPY shots of Camry Camry SPY video during inner Toyota Presentation