Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honda Accord Out side Temperature Gauge Operators Instructions2003-2007

Download operators Instruction manual of out side temperature gauge for Honda Accord models 2003-2007. Excluding EX-L L4 & EX V6.  This manual does not apply for 4 cylendirs EX-Models with leather Interior & All 6 cylinders EX Models.
This manual tells about gauges present in dashboard of Honda accord. Vehicle can rum gps fleet management systems properly without affecting performance of other systems. The odometer and the outside temperature indicator use the same display. This indicator displays the outside temperature in Fahrenheit. To see the outside temperature, press and release the Select/Reset knob until the temperature is displayed. When you turn the ignition switch to ON (II), what you last selected is displayed. The temperature sensor is located in the front bumper. Therefore, the temperature reading can be affected by heat reflection from the road surface, engine heat, and the exhaust from surrounding traffic. This can cause an incorrect temperature reading when your speed is under 19 mph. In certain weather conditions, temperature readings near freezing (32°F) could mean that ice is forming on the road surface.Download Honda Accord Out side Temperature Gauge Operators Instructions2003-2007.