Saturday, June 4, 2011

gps vehicle tracking and fuel efficency

GPS vehicle tracking is not only concerned with spending extra money for having an additional service but it can also be used for fuel saving with the help of green GPS system. GreenGPS utilizes a vehicle’s OBD-II system and a typical scanner tool in conjunction with a participatory data collection framework to enable collection and upload of fuel consumption data. In contrast to traditional mapping and navigation tools, such as Google maps  and MapQuest ,which provide either the fastest or the shortest route between two points, GreenGPS collects the necessary informationto compute and answer queries on the most fuel-efficient route. The most fuel-efficient route between two points may be different from the shortest and fastest routes. For example, a fastest route that uses a freeway may consume more fuel than the most fuel-efficient route because fuel consumption increases non-linearly with speed or because it is longer. Similarly, the shortest route that traverses busy city streets may be suboptimal because of downtown traffic.
           Download A Participatory fuel efficient sensing map system