Thursday, June 30, 2011

Download 2007 Accord Hybrid Navigation Manual

Navigation Manual of Honda Accord 2007 is available free for download here. This manual includes information on gps vehicle tracking. Contents of mnual include Introduction, Manual Overview, System Overview, Accessories Precautions, Important Safety Information, Map Overview, Current Street, Verified/Unverified Street, User Agreement , Getting Started, System Controls, Voice Control Basics, Using the Voice Control System, Improving Voice Recognition, Selecting an Item (Button) on the, Screen, Selecting an Item in a List, Using the On-screen Keyboard, System Start-up, Map Screen Legend, Map Screen Description, Zoom In/Out, Map Scrolling, Displaying Current Location, System Function Diagram, Entering a Destination By Address, Selecting the State or Province, Selecting the City, Selecting the Street, Entering the Street Number, By Intersection, electing the State or Province, electing the City, electing the Street , y Places , inding the Place by Category, Finding the Place by Name, Finding the Place by Phon, Number, Finding the Place by Zagat 2006, B, Ma, Input, Showing the Map of Current, Position, Showing the Map of City, Showing the Map of State, Showing the Map of Continental, USA, By Previous Destinations, By Today’s Destinations, Editing Today’s Destination List, Adding Destinations to the List, By Address Book, Adding Addresses to the Personal, Address Book, By Go Home, Driving to Your Destination,
Driving to Your Destination, Calculate Route to Screen, Changing the Routing Method, Viewing the Routes, Viewing the Destination Map, Map Screen, Route Line, Guidance Prompts, Map Screen Legend, Guidance Screen, Guidance Screen Legend, Distance and Time t, Destination, Direction List, EXIT INFO(Freeway Exit Information), Split Screen Guidance, Map Scale, Map Orientation, Destination Icon. Your GPS navigation system is a highly sophisticated location system with voice control that uses satellites and a map database to show you where you are and to help guide you to a desired destination.
The GPS navigation system receives signals from the global positioning system (GPS), a network of 24 satellites in orbit
around the earth. By receiving signals from several of these satellites, the GPS navigation system can determine the latitude, longitude, and elevation of your vehicle. In addition, a gyroscopic yaw sensor and a vehicle speed sensor in your vehicle keep track of the direction and speed of travel at all times. The navigation system applies this location, direction, and speed information to the maps and calculates a route to the destination you enter. As you drive to that destination, the GPS vehicle tracking system provides map and voice guidance. The GPS navigation system is easy to use. The locations of many places of business and entertainment are already entered in the system. You can select any of them as a destination by using the touch screen, joystick or voice control. There are several ways to enter a GPS destination, such as by point of interest (POI), by address, by phone number, and by selecting it from the map. The last 50 destinations are saved for reuse at a later date. The system also allows you to store a home address to simplify returning home from your destination Download 2007 Accord Hybrid Navigation Manual
Download Accord navigation manual              Download Accord Hybrid navigation manual