Friday, July 1, 2011

Nissan Towing Guide

Download Nissan towing guide 2008. When talking about towing obviously your first concern should be safety. Your Nissan vehicle was designed to be used primarily to carry passengers and cargo. Always remember that towing a trailer places additional loads on your vehicle’s engine, drivetrain, steering, braking, and other systems. Therefore, be certain that your Nissan vehicle can meet the demands of the towing application you have in mind. Rent or purchase only the highest-quality towing and safety equipment you can find for your Nissan vehicle. Reinforced tow hitches designed especially for certain Nissan vehicles are available from your Nissan dealer.* Hitches for the other Nissan models should be bought from and installed by a professional supplier of towing equipment. Finally, it is very  important to follow the towing capacity limit set for your specific vehicle, and to ensure that your Nissan vehicle is in top mechanical condition, especially the tires, brakes, suspension, and engine cooling system. See your vehicle owner’s manual for details. This manual includes, Introduction, Towing Equipment, What’s Right for You, Preparing Your Vehicle , Towing Safety, Towing Tips, Towing Glossary, Specifications, Protection, Commitment. The frequency and type of towing should influence the manner in which you equip your vehicle for towing. towing procedure and functions depend on shape, type, volume and weight of what is to be towed. If you plan to tow often, either for recreation or work, select the engine size, transmission type, suspension, and towing capacity that are best suited to your requirements of towing. This Nissan Towing guide can help you select that equipment. If, on the other hand, your towing will be infrequent, choose the Nissan vehicle and equipment that best meets your day-to-day needs. Be careful not to exceed the towing capacity on those few occasions when you do tow. Download the Nissan Towing Manual below.