Friday, July 29, 2011

Honda Fit, Jazz Security system user manual 2007

Download Honda FIt, Jazz Security system user manualof model year 2007. this designed owners and operators of Honda FIT, Jazz in understanding and using Security system.Contents of the security system users information manual include Introduction, Emergency Disarming, During Alarming During the Entry Delay Time, System Controls, Arming Mode (MANUAL AUTO), Arming Mode (AUTO MANUAL), Valet (Auto Arming Mode only), Placing the, System in the Valet Mode, In the Valet Mode, Exit From the Valet Mode, Arming, Arming Methods, Manual Arming (Remote Controlled), Auto Arming (Passive), Alarm Mode, Alarm Triggered Mode, Disarming, Remote Controlled Disarming, Panic, Activating the Panic Function, eactivating the Panic Function, Tripped Sensor Warning and Indication, Tripped Sensor Warning, Tripped Sensor Indication (using both, the transmitter and ignition key), Tripped Sensor Indication (using only the ignition key), Glossary, Specifications. Download Honda FIt, Jazz Security system user manual 2007. Download