Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Honda civic 2012 pics and specifications

Honda is again changing shape of civic in 2011 partially with tail light redesign that is now can be seen on Honda website but the major revolution in civic design is once again under process. Honda is completely changing shape of Honda civic in 2012 from interior to exterior. Head light will be more big in length and smaller in width as compared to existing model.Honda has proven to be frequent introducer of new models and innovative shapes.
By positioning itself on design and innovation Honda is tough competitor.Spy shots of vehicle were taken on test drive in factory area according to these shots design is developed for eyes of civic lovers. As for as interior is concerned it is not clear but two shapes are under consideration and may be interior will different in different regions of world according to customer preferences.
Honda civic 2012 will be powered by new new unconventional technologies differently from conventionally powered civic.  This civic 2012 will also be launched in Asian countries where is rapidly growing its market for potential buyers. Honda will prioritize hybrid civic 2012 rather than using old technologies. Honda will remain leader in most countries in medium range sedan category for families with civic 2012 which can drive maximum buyers from corolla and Toyota pruis. Civic 2012 will be an evolution in auto industry with minor changes in current model but exact shape of civic 2012 will be unpredictable all over the world. vehicle 2012 will have different shapes according to taste nd preferences of people in different regions of the world. The biggest reason for civic changes in shape by Honda is use of cross functional team technology by Honda which they can save lot of time in building vehicle. This vehicle civic 2012 will be a great idea to inspire other manufacturers to come out with new innovative designs,