Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vehicle pdf safety measures in servicing

Check list before starting servicing
First of all before technical service of vehicle make sure that vehicle is parked on level and hard surface. The space under vehicle should be clean before starting servicing because if the surface is not clean you may loose any screw on bolt while servicing. Second important thing is to chock and block the wheels for movement. Third thing is secure the trunk and bonnet hood of your auto to prevent from falling. Fourth thing is wear eye protection when working on engine using hard tools Open pdf manual and find the section which you are looking for.Fifth is disconnect batteries and discharge capacitors before starting work.

While servicing
Repair the vehicle when engine is cool. Hot fluids and metals will cause burn in contact.Use your vehicle manual to understand systems. Do not use equipment and tools on your auto vehicle without proper training. Use proper size blocks to hold up the vehicle, never rely completely on jacks and hydraulics. Do not clean dust from surface and equipment with compressed air. Inspect the running engine very carefully and with extreme cautions.Avoid contact with hot surface such as exhaust pipes, manifolds. If contact with hot equipment is necessary cover the hot area with insulating material and wear insulating gloves.If you have long hairs tie them properly.Do not wear loose clothes or jewellery while working on your vehicle with auto manual. Put the keys in secure place while servicing.

Knowledge cream
Before starting servicing
1) park at level hard surface
2) block wheels
3) secure trunk, engine hood
4) eye protection, goggles
5) disconnect batteries