Friday, March 4, 2011

Toyota EngineRepair Manual L, 2L, 2L-T

2L is four cylinder diesel engine. 2.4L 2466cc. Bore and stroke of 2L engine is 92mm. Outputs range from 72 to 87 hp (54 to 65 kW), compression ratios of around 22.3:1 and torque of 15.8–16.8 kg·m (155–165 N·m). 2L engine is used in Hilux, Mark II/Chaser/Cresta, Hiace, Revo, Dyna, 1984–1990 Blizzard. 2L-T is turbo version of 2L engine. 2L-T have same and stroke as 2L engine but 2L-T engine have higher compression ratio and out put. Contents of this Toyota Engine Repair Manual L, 2L, 2L-T contains HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL, IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION, GENERAL REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS, ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL . FUEL SYSTEM, REPLACEMENT OF FUEL FILTER, FUEL FILTER WARNING SWITCH, FUEL HEATER, INJECTION NOZZLES, INJECTION PUMP.  COOLING SYSTEM, TROUBLESHOOTING, CHECK AND REPLACEMENT OF ENGINE COOLANT, WATER PUMP, THERMOSTAT, RADIATOR. CHARGING SYSTEM, PRECAUTIONS, TROUBLE SHoOTING, CHARGING SYSTEM CIRCUIT, ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION, ALTERNATOR, ALTERNATOR REGULATOR, CHARGE LIGHT RELAY, MAIN RELAY. SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS, ENGINE MECHANICAL, FUEL SYSTEM, COOLING SYSTEM, LUBRICATION SYSTEM, STARTING SYSTEM, CHARGING SYSTEM. ENGINE MECHANICAL, DIESEL ENGINE DIAGNOSIS, DIESEL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS, ENGINE TUNE-UP, COMPRESSION CHECK, TIMING BELT [ Components ~ Removal of Timing Belt, Inspection of Components, Installation of Timing Belt , CYLINDER HEAD Components, Removal of Cylinder Head, Disassembly of Cylinder Head, Inspection, Cleaning and Repair of Cylinder Head Components, Replacement of Camshaft Oil Seal, Assembly of Cylinder Head, Installation of Cylinder Head], CYLINDER BLOCK [ Components, Disassembly of Cylinder Block, Inspection of Cylinder Block, Disassembly of Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly, Inspection of Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly ~ Replacement of Connecting Rod Bushing, Inspection and Repair of Crankshaft, Boring of Cylinders, Repfacemellt of Crankshaft Oil Seals, Assembly of Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly, Installation of Crankshaft, Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly, Assembly of Cylinder Bloc.
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