Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toyota Kulger Cv Automatic 2004 brief overview guide

Download quick guide about likes, dislikes, specification and complete quick overview. Toyota calls the Kluger a cross over vehicle. Combining design elements from people mover, 4WD and station wagon vehicles would be a difficult design brief for any engineering team, Toyota’s experience in all these types of vehicle has meant the Kluger  gives a good account of itself without being exceptional in any one area. The new Toyota Kluger is the vehicle that gives Toyota an entrant in the ever-increasing cross over market of all wheel drive sports utility vehicles in Australia. With two of the major Australian manufacturers announcing plans to introduce locally made cross over vehicles during 2004, Toyota has taken the lead and introduced the Kluger to the Australian market, which was released at the Sydney Motor Show in October 2003.  The release appears well timed, for in January 2004, Australian vehicle sales saw the biggest market growth in the Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV category. Importantly for Toyota, sales of the new Kluger models did not impact dramatically into the other market segments, people movers and mid size four wheel drives, (that Toyota have a strong market share in) or take sales away from Toyota Tarago, and Toyota Prado.   Download Toyota Kulger Cv Automatic 2004 brief overview guide